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Default Re: The Pro Wrestling Roundtable

Man i thought it was real and not work.I am usually pretty good at telling the differnece.Not to go off topic but have to tell you this story.Like i said i am usaully good at telling work from real but i remember that very sad day with owen hart and i thought it was work.I had taped it as i had to go to a movie with my girlfriend.And i get home and walk up the steps and my one brother who i watch wrestling with has this look on his face.And it was a very sad look.And i am like what is going on with you.And he just said owen died.And i just got chills just writing this as i remember it like it was yesterday.And i just kept saying no he did'nt.And i still was not conviced until the next day on raw and i said they is no way they are working it that hard like that.I mean when i saw debra and jarret-wow.And she lost it on the ppv as they came on right after it.And jarrett had to try to keep her in charector.Did you ever see that ppv.It is the worse i am just surprised no video or photos were leaked from it.I am just glad it did'nt happen live on tv.I had a freind who was at it.And he said it was the grossing thing ever.But anyway back to topic.Yeah i really thought hall was beating up a fan.
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They're saying now that is was work. I thought is was real at first just because of Hall's rep, but who knows?
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