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Default Re: Pens Tidbits

I also don't think he had bad intentions, but that needs to be put aside when assessing punishments for such devastating hits. I constantly worry about what might happen to a player in this game that I love, and the video you provided just reinforces that belief as far as I'm concerned.

I love hockey, actually I LOVE LOVE LOVE hockey, but it scares me more than football as far as player safety goes, which is ironic when I think about it. You'd think it would be vice versus when comparing the two sports, yet hockey, as far as injury potential goes and the inevitable catastrophe it presents, makes me more nervous. And take into account that each player literally has two sharpened knives below their feet and it amazes me that so many games go by without a major tradgedy.

I don't even like that fighting is allowed, although I root for any Pens player when it comes to fisticuffs, and hypocritically cheer when a Pens player kicks ass in a fight. I know hockey purist would disagree with my stance on fighting, but it's, for the most part, is too hard for me to watch. I get nervous everytime there is a fight because I invision a serious injury.

As a fan it scares me when watching what can happen at any moment on the ice, and makes me think of the players' family - the mothers, wives, etc. Just as a fan from a distance it's hard, for them it must be excruciating.
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