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Originally Posted by Shea View Post
Just two? I think it should have been more. That scared the bajeebers out of me when Duper went down and I think Sutton should have been excessed a much tougher punishment. That was a nasty hit Dups took, and with his head slamming right on the edge of the boards could have easily resulted into a much more serious injury. Perhaps, I'm just being a homer on that though.

I'm really looking forward to the game tomorrow night against the Caps, yet I keep thinking that Ovechkin might be super-amped for the match-up with an opponent that has two of the best players in the league opposed to him, and add the fact that the Pens kicked his ass and team out of the playoffs last year.

What if his emotions get the best of him and it turns into another situation where he makes a dirty play and seriously hurts one of our players?

Can't wait for the game, but am I over-thinking what Ovechkin might do?
Given that Capt. Caveman (can actually call him that now since he is the captain) has already been suspended this season and has dished out his share of hits from behind and knee-on-knee hits, the likelihood is pretty good that he'll end up hurting someone. Cavey is a great player, no doubt, but he's one of the dirtiest players in the game, because he plays so recklessly and with no regard or respect for his opponents. If he does, I fully expect there to be immediate retribution, especially if Rupp or Godard is on the ice. Time for him to learn a big-time lesson in respect.

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
I thought he maybe might get more as well, even though I don't think he had bad intentions. I think the league needs to crack down on this more though and be consistent across the board. Some players just need to learn how to be smarter about their hits.

I didn't see this game, but hits like this scare the crap out of me. Patrick Roy says it best when talking about the junior and NHLs stance on hits to the head.

I saw this hit, and it was just disgusting. He deserves every bit of that indefinite suspension, and will probably get kicked out of the Q. And the amazing thing is that this kid was Team Canada's captain at the WJC! He also has quite a history of cheap and dirty play, despite obviously being a very good player. And just to briefly get into Shea's point about fighting and to rehash my point about Capt. Caveman's lack of respect for other players, this is hockey's future if fighting is ever banned. There are obviously a lot of cheap shots now, but there would be far, far more if you take fighting out of the game. It's an emotional game, and sometimes emotion gets to the point where you want to take it out on someone. Considering that plus the lack of respect among many players today, I'd much rather them deal with that aggression by dropping the gloves and throwing fists than ending someone's career with a dirty cheap shot like that one.

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
I also don't think he had bad intentions, but that needs to be put aside when assessing punishments for such devastating hits. I constantly worry about what might happen to a player in this game that I love, and the video you provided just reinforces that belief as far as I'm concerned.

I love hockey, actually I LOVE LOVE LOVE hockey, but it scares me more than football as far as player safety goes, which is ironic when I think about it. You'd think it would be vice versus when comparing the two sports, yet hockey, as far as injury potential goes and the inevitable catastrophe it presents, makes me more nervous. And take into account that each player literally has two sharpened knives below their feet and it amazes me that so many games go by without a major tradgedy.

I don't even like that fighting is allowed, although I root for any Pens player when it comes to fisticuffs, and hypocritically cheer when a Pens player kicks ass in a fight. I know hockey purist would disagree with my stance on fighting, but it's, for the most part, is too hard for me to watch. I get nervous everytime there is a fight because I invision a serious injury.

As a fan it scares me when watching what can happen at any moment on the ice, and makes me think of the players' family - the mothers, wives, etc. Just as a fan from a distance it's hard, for them it must be excruciating.
I agree, but that is the risk you take whenever you strap on the pads and skates. You can be injured and possibly have your career ended at any time, even on an innocent and clean play. Family members of hockey players, for the most part, know and understand this, so in that regard, it makes it a little bit easier on them. There are some who won't watch them play for that reason, but still, they know of the risks involved.

As for your point about are far more likely to be injured just fighting for the puck rather than fighting with your fists. Look at Dupes - he's trying to play the puck, and Sutton drills him from behind. In the 23+ years I have been following hockey, I can think of maybe 4 players who have had their careers ended in fights and not that many more who have been seriously injured. That's 4 players out the hundreds of players, thousands of games and thousands of fights in those 23 years. But I can think of and name 20-30 players this year alone who have been seriously injured and missed time due to big hits, clean or dirty. And as I stated above, you would be giving players the license to cheap shot with impunity if you remove fighting from the game. Most European leagues ban fighting, but the cheap shots they have in those leagues are off the charts. There's even a fair amount of dirty play at the college level, where of course you are suspended if you fight. Call me a purist...yeah, I guess I am...but I in no why whatsoever support the NHL banning fighting, and thankfully the league doesn't either...well, except maybe Roger Goodell's twin, Gary Bettman.
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