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Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
As for the belief that Sutton didn't have bad intentions when he hit Dupes from behind, read on:
Well. there was this too...

Penguins Notebook: Dupuis battered, but unbowed

Dupuis and Sutton used to be teammates, and Dupuis said he knew that Sutton was upset about what he did.

"He felt really bad," Dupuis said. "He tried to contact me. I sent him a text back."

Dupuis did not call for Sutton to be suspended, but made it clear that, remorse aside, Sutton had to accept responsibility for his actions.

"Maybe he didn't want to do it," Dupuis said. "But he still did it."
Anyway, they're on different teams now.

I'm not even sure that the off-ice relationship is/was that strong.

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