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Thanks everybody...I've been meaning to get on here and give an update, and now that I've actually written out what went down, I'll re-post from my facebook. Short version: things didn't go as planned (but I'm okay now). Long version:

I had surgery on December 14th. Two days prior to this, they did an MRI, so that they could determine whether or not the valve in my brain was pumping. Now, the not cool. When they do it of the head, they put this thing that looks like a stormtrooper helmet over your face. And then stuff you in a tube. I take one look at the helmet and am like, "Oh, no. NO WAY." All the while actually backing out of the room. Seriously. Luckily, they had an open MRI with the "helmet" looking more like a goalie mask. OK. Two thumbs up. We get the MRI done, we go home. Sunday. I go to church, then go home and start packing, because surgery is scheduled for 7:30 the next morning. A little while before my mom and I leave, the phone rings. Mum checks the caller ID and is like, "Sharon? I don't know a Sharon...oh...Sharon, PA...oh wait." Yeah, Mum, pick up the phone because you're closer...unless you want me to run you over. That call meant a know who you are, if you're reading this. Still want those 19,000 cookies? (LOL)

But the next morning, we had to be there at 6. The nurse who was putting in my IV told me first she couldn't find her glasses because some other nurse had them. Oooooooooook. This is not boding well. But she gets her glasses and gets the IV in on the first try. They do the surgery, and after removing the scar tissue we suspected was in there, had to reconnect the shunt. They had to do this, because my body had created another path for the fluid to get to where it was supposed to go. When they went in, this path was disrupted. So they put in a new tube and reconnected it. Finished, right? Wrong.

Guys, one has to remember that the valve in my brain was 25 years old. It had been unhooked for at least a year. Between how old it was and how much fluid had accumulated in my brain, the shunt could no longer handle what they were asking it to do. It was flowing too fast, so every time I tried to sit up, the headaches that I had would get worse, I would get sick (which was fun with nothing in my stomach and 5 holes in my core), and the room would just spin. I spent three days flat on my back, barely conscious, and let me tell you this: Because of the pain, which the painkillers did little to deter, I remember hardly any of it. It's like I have a jigsaw puzzle and have no idea what piece goes where, because I remember things, but if you ask me when these things happened...I couldn't tell you. I remember having a CT scan, x-rays...kicking a nurse out of my room, because she couldn't draw blood properly ("Hold your breath while I move the needle." "GET OUT!!!"). I love how she was like, "I'm not trying to torture you, I've been doing this for 20 years." Er...get out. Just get out. But did that happen Tuesday or Wednesday? Not a clue. The only thing I can tell you for certain is that I was sending my best friend his Scriptures at 3 AM, when the nurses would make their rounds. Those were my only real lucid moments, I think, when I would put those together and send them. If I woke you, champ, I'm sorry...just wanted to make sure you had them :)

They went in again, I think on Thursday. This time to replace the valve in my brain, which they replaced with a programmable valve that is set with a magnet. So I can't be near refrigerator doors, hold my cell phone to my right ear, among other things. But anyway. By Thursday night, Friday morning, I was able to sit up again. And eat. And I went home on Saturday. They did have to change the setting on the valve when I went for my post-op visit last week, but hopefully this is it. They do want me back in a month, but I want to say...and you guys know who you are...the prayers, encouragement, and friendship mean the world. God bless you all :) <3
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