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Default TE in the late rounds???

What do you think of the Steelers drafting a TE in the late rounds so they can compete with Matt Speath.....Matt is really not doing anything and I think he should be replaced or atleast have competition this season so he can step up his game!!!

Anyways here are some guys that I would REALISTICALLY like the the later rounds:

5th/6th TE Jimmy Graham, 6'8" 260lbs, 4.65 40 time.....Miami

This guy is extremely ATHLETIC as well as RAW!!!! He played in the basketball team for the Hurricanes from 2005-2008....He decided to play football in his last year at Miami...He hadn't played football since his freshmen year in high school...but the thing is he is sort of a project...He is very agressive and displays excellent effort when blocking.....I would like the Steelers to take a chance on him in the 5th/6th round so he can compete w/Speath and the other below average TE on our roster....I think he can develop into an Antonio Gates type of player....but will probably have better blocking skills because of his physique...

7th/FA TE Caz Piurowski, 6'7" 271lbs, 4.86 40 time....Florida State

This TE suffered a knee injury that will make him miss the combine....This would most likely cause him to fall to the 7th round....This guy is a really good blocker and he would fit the mold of our type of blocking TE...He's sort of between a TE/OT in terms of his physique....I think he would be a better TE in our system than Matt Speath(Matt is soft when it comes to blocking) if he completely recovers from his injury....

FA TE Jeff Cottam, Tennessee, 4.65 40 time....

Jeff Cottam like his brother are blocking TE...I think he would be worth a shot in the 7th or even as a FA....purely because of his blocking ability not due to his physical characteristics....Ohh and by the way he's also very athletic for his size.....

All in all I would want the Steelers to draft TE Jimmy Graham because I think he would develop into a Gates type player but a way better blocker.....Graham to me @ least seems to be a sleeper in this upcoming draft!.... let me know what you think of these late round TE prospects...If you have someone that would be in the late rounds REALISTICALLY.....let me know who they are....

TE Graham:

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