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Angry my rant for today..

You know what really pisses me off how you have to pay for xtra coverage on the net for our black n gold.. i mean ya, we get all the basics, the breaking info, some player profiles and the stuff that you can see in your local newspaper if you want.. but damn, all the indept Steeler coverage.. the videos, player interviews, training camp insights, and good articles, you gotta pay xtra for. and both do it. They give you these little teasers of trailers or short vids to entice you to sign up.. but damn, it isnt like they are hurting for money here. I mean comon, its for pete sake, the official nfl site for the team.. and steelerslive is run by the tribune review..

Its one for thing for an independent site like SF or anybody else who is running a site on the net where people like us can get together and they do it out of their own pocket.. I have no problems donating funds to help the cause of people who are willing to make cool, informative places for fans like us to hang out, meet new friends and talk about our Steelers or whatever the case may be. BUT these corporations who'll do anything for a buck at the expense of hardworking, die hard fans, just really annoys me sometimes.
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