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Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
I don't expect Cooke to fight all the time, but when he pulls shit like this, I damn well expect him to fight when he's challenged. If it was a one-time thing I could forgive it, but this guy has been doing this crap his entire career. At least guys like Ruutu, Avery and Darcy Tucker, as much as I can't stand the last two, will man up and back up their antics. Getting Cooke to take off his skirt and drop his gloves is like asking Tiger Woods to keep his hands off other women. It ain't going to happen very often. I respect that he hits and can chip in some goals, but he has no honor, and I can't respect that.
I probably give him love and credit for his work because im a homer and he is a Pen so it's hard to hate, but i do agree. I was slightly embarrassed when the announcers where saying how we was backing down from the fight because he is such an agitator and you expect him to drop the gloves and back up his talk. Biggest negative of Cooke agreed, but it's because when he does fight, sorry to say he usually gets whooped.
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