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Default Re: 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

Originally Posted by jonslow View Post
I just arrived in Mobile about an hour ago to cover the events of the week. We'll be blogging and I'll post updates here on the forum.

Anything in particular you guys want me to watch for this week? Myself and a couple fellow contributors got credentials for practices, interviews, the game, etc. Hit me up if you have any questions about guys you may be interested in.

Very a draft geek I think I can talk for the majority of fans that are interested in how this week affects the players draft stock. Here are a couple things that I am very interested in that are specific to the Steelers.

1) For teams with 3-4 defenses and who are potentially looking for a true NT, Give us a breakdown....a comparison/contrast between Terrance Cody and Dan Williams.

2) With Clark's status still up in the air...give us an idea about the safety class at the senior bowl this year.

3) Give us a good idea of the OT's at the senior bowl this year. Who looks like a possible fit? For instance....Is Charles Brown too light for us and more suited for a zone blocking scheme? Does Vladimir Ducasse look like an OT or OG in the NFl?

Players that I am personally interested in hearing more about:

Safety Nate Allen, South Florida
Safety Myron Rolle, Florida State
Safety Harry Coleman, LSU
RB Joique Bell, Wayne State
OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma
OT Vladimir Ducasse, Massachusetts
OG Mike Johnson, Alabama
LB Eric Norwood, South Carolina
ILB Jamar Chaney, Mississippi State
CB Kyle McCarthy, Notre Dame
CB Jerome Murphy, South Florida
CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State
NT Terrance Cody, Alabama
NT Dan Williams, Tennessee

Thanks brother!!!
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