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Default Re: 2010 Senior Bowl Thread

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
i sure would like to know how they determine who gets invited to this game . i mean i thought the ideal was to get the best of the best in this game and the shrine game sifts through the leftovers and fields the best roster they can. while this game certainly has the premier players, i'm kinda scratchin my head at some of the roster choices that appear to be late rd picks ( 4th or lower), but yet some in the shrine game could and most likely will be top 3 choices....
they should have left a few spots open in this game to make room for some of the guys that shined in the shrine game, like troupe, calloway, and barnes.
Well considering players have the choice to accept or decline it. I'm guessing they go to all the top guys and some just reject it. Not sure most do, its chance to really improve your stock and prove you can make it in the NFL.
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