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And of course, because the Hockey Gods apparently hate the Pens, both Guerin and Goligoski will not play tonight. And if Talbot is unable to go, the Pens will have to call someone up from WBS to fill in for him, likely Luca Caputi. It also means that unfortunately Martin Skoula will have to step in and play in GoGo's spot. Just great. You know, this stopped being funny a long time ago.

At least Flower will be back, and he will probably have to stand on his head in order to give the Pens a chance to win.
That sucks...though I do like Caputi a lot though, and Johnson has been a decent fill in for Kunitz. Skoula makes me a little nervous, but he's had his bright spots this season and Gogo has been a little shaky on it's kind of a wash in my eyes.

Should be a good game tonight though and Fleury with fresh legs will help tonight a lot. Hopefully the rest of the team isn't too gassed tonight to bring it against the Rags.