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Default CB Kile Wilson or CB Brandon Ghee in the 2nd/3rd Round

I don't believe the Steelers will go CB in the first round unless Hayden falls a bit and the Steelers trade up for him....Hayden falling is highly unlikely....Another reason I don't believe that they will go CB in the 1st is that they already have two guys that they drafted last year(Keenan Lewis-3rd round & Burnett-5th)....These two guys have already had a year's experience w/ the Steelers defensive playbook...So I expect them to contribute next season....As for William Gay, I wish he steps it up next year because if he doesn't he will be demoted(hopefully) and possibly cut....I was really embarrassed to have Gay as a Steelers CB last year(Especially on the play where Adrian Peterson trucked the HELL out of him!!!!)....Gay looked scared and if you want to be called a Steelers defensive player then you better go BALLS OUT no matter who's in front of you....Shoot if he would of tried to tackle him instead of hesitating on that play I wouldn't of cared as much and he wouldn't of looked as much of a B*tch on that play but he was SCARED!!!....all this is from my point of view....But anyways I hope Gay the best and I hope he plays like he did when we won the SB.....

For these reason I honestly think these two guys should be considered in either round 2(Ghee/Wilson) or round 3(Wilson)....I wouldn't mind Patrick Robinson either...but I think these would be the more realistic picks in either of those two rounds.....

CB Kile Wilson 5'10" 190lbs Boise State 2nd/3rd Round
I've been hearing a lot of good things from him so far during the Senior Bowl Practices when he's been out there @ CB...A bit short but he is a Very athletic CB and pretty physical as well...He looks to be the shut down CB we've been coveting alongside Taylor....He also can returns kicks..The way I see it...his stock can only rise @ this point...I hope it doesn't because I think he would be a great addition for us in either Round 2 or 3....

CB Brandon Ghee 5'11" 189lbs Wake Forrest 2nd

This guy also intrigues me because they hardly throw his way @ Wake Forrest but when they do he most of the time makes the opposing teams pay...His stats aren't eye popping simply because the other teams avoid him....He also seems to be that "lock down" down CB that the Steelers can get in the 2nd round to play alongside Taylor....

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I know that there is a lot more talent in other positions besides CB in the 2nd round....So the Steelers might go other positions...Well let me know what CB you would like the Steelers to draft in the earlier or later rounds.(Please be REALISTIC about it)....I know a lot of people are going to say Hayden but he would most likely be gone by even the 10th pick!!!!!....
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