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Default Re: 2010 Steelers Journal


The Cincinnati Bengals run into Pittsburgh with a 5-5 record, a loss here would almost definitley send them a new sofa in January to watch the playoffs, with a win here Pittsburgh would almost claim the division


Pittsburgh Defense vs Cincinnati Defence
The Pittsburgh Steelers defense leads the NFL in every second category except pass defence (2) and is only giving up 11.5 points per game and allowing the fewest toal yards with stingy 216.1 yards per game. At 5-5 Cincinnati's defense hasn't done bad either giving up 21.1 points per game and allowing only 283.2 yards per game. Pittsburghs defense has clearly kept them in the game with evidence as the Pittsburgh's offense are scoring 22.8 points per game and only putting up 306.2 yards per game compared to Cincinnati's 27.0 Points per game and 317.1 yards per game.
Advantage:Pittsburgh, although the offense has not done well this year, there defense has been something short of brilliance and gets a big edge over Cincinnati's.

Rashard Mendenhall vs Cedric Benson

The two top running backs from the AFC North collide against good run defense. Rashard Mendenhall was pulled out of the game against Cleveland last week with a Mild Concussion and may feel weary to brake the tackles and burst through the holes. He has ran in 7 touchdowns this year with a longest gain of 23 yards. Cedric Benson has carried the ball 15 fewer times and has less yards and carries per average but boasts 9 touchdowns with a longest gain of a 80 yard touchdown.
Advantage:Cincinnati, the Steelers may not use Mendenhall much and will try to force Cincinnati's top corners into mistakes.

Lawrence Timmions vs Keith Rivers

Lawrence Timmons is on pace to get 120 solo tackles something that has not been done for over 6 years. He also has blitzed on 63% of opponents snaps and holds 12 sacks. He is currently the most voted linebacker to the Pro Bowl for the AFC. Keith Rivers is on pace for 96 tackles and has not near been as dominant in production but has forced a fumble and has 5 sacks. Depending on how much Pittsburgh run the ball Keith Rivers may be ineffective for tonights clash against the Steelers.
Advantage:Pittsburgh, The Steelers linebackers corps has totaled 186 tackles and 26 sacks... Cincinnati's linebackers have totaled 179 tackles and 16 sacks, not near as productive.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Carson Palmer

For many years the biggest arguement of the AFC North was who is the better Quarterback? Ben Roethlisberger has emerged as the better one in recent years arguements but that has not stopped Carson Palmer from doing things for Cincinnati. Ben Roethlisberger has completed only 59% of his throws and has thrown for 2007 yards, 14 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Whilst Carson Palmer is questionable at beast for the Bengals he has attempted only 99 passes and thrown for 7 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.
Advantage:Pittsburgh, With Carson Palmer out questionably, J.T. O' Sullivan will not fare well against a secondary that has 3 of 4 starters voted to the Pro Bowl at the moment.

William Gay vs Leon Hall

This cornerback discussion can last a while. In 2010 William Gay was voted as the NFL Defensive Back of the Year. In the first game against the Bengals he intercepted Palmer twice and has shutdown most Wide recievers which includes Randy Moss, Only one person has gone for over 100 yards against William Gay and that was Lee Evans who had 11 receptions... Leon Hall has only 18 tackles and 2 interceptions, with his parter Jonathan Joseph most teams have decided to not throw Cincinnati's way but that could change tonight depending how healthy Mendenhall is.
Advantage:Cincinnati, Although William Gay may be one of the elite Corners in the league Cincinnati boast the most consistent Cornerback duo in the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals
The Pittsburgh Steelers are 10-0 for a good reason. Defense, there offense has been porus all year long and look for the Offensive Co-Ordinator to be fired in the offseason. The Benglas started off with a 1-3 record but redeemed itself to 5-4 but have lost to superior teams badly. They didn't have it good as they faced the Steelers opening night and in consecutive weeks Browns, Ravens, Saints and the Ravens. A Hard first 5 game schedule.
Advantage:Pittsburgh, they are clearly the better team at the moment. Prediction Pittsburgh 19-9

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