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Default Re: Tim Tebow an NFL QB? Fail.

Can Tebow become a good pro-style quarterback? Yes, it's a possibility. He's a hard worker and he's coachable, so it's possible for him to fix his flaws and become a good, solid pro-style QB.

There is also the chance since he has NEVER taken a snap from under center (not once in high school or at Florida did Tebow ever take a snap out of anything other than the shotgun), and that his coaches never saw a need to fix his bad mechanics, that he may never become a decent pro-style QB.

I for one have never thought of Tebow as a great quarterback. A great leader? Yes. A great football player? Yes. But as for a gifted quarterback I always kind of looked at him like a white Micheal Vick, only Micheal Vick had great arm strength.

Tebow ran a lot at Florida. He can't do that in the NFL and be successful. Running at times (Roethlisberger, McNabb, late career Steve Young) is fine. But being known more for your running skills than your passing skills (Vick, Vince Young) isn't going to get you picked in the first round, and most times not in the second round either. I know Vick and Vince Young were first round picks, but neither of them have been looked upon as being a success and therefore I don't see NFL teams taking a player with those skill sets and spending a first rounder on them. A quarterback's job #1 in the NFL is to THROW THE FOOTBALL.

Often when I would watch a Florida football game, Tebow would show horrible mechanics in his throwing motion. In his wind up, he drops the ball to his knees like Byron Leftwich, and Lefty had never been really considered a successful NFL QB and is now thought of nothing but a backup QB. Tebow also throws a very fluttery ball, almost a "wounded duck". That's large part due to his throwing mechanics. If he doesn't fix this, he won't be a QB in the NFL, at least not a high round starting QB.

So like I said, he could work very hard to fix his flaws and become a very good, solid pro-style QB. He said he can, and when he puts his mind to something, there's no doubt that he's going to do his best to get it done. He has all the intangibles to be a very good QB in the NFL. Hard worker, excellent leader.

But he will need to work harder than possibly ever to fix his flaws enough to warrant a first (or even second) round selection as a quarterback. He has the Senior Bowl practices and game, the NFL Combine, his Pro Day.

The only team I can see possibly taking him in the first or second round as a quarterback if he doesn't show vast improvement in his flaws is the Jacksonville Jaguars. To keep the franchise in Jacksonville they need to sell that stadium out on a weekly basis and Tebow has quite a following in Florida where he has played his entire football career. But this would be the worst case scenario for Tebow because Jacksonville/Tebow fans would want him in the field ASAP, so the first bad game from Garrard would warrant Tebow chants from that day forward, if not from the first day of training camp forward.

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