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Default Re: Tim Tebow an NFL QB? Fail.

You do realize, though, that his 3.66 GPA comes from majoring in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences. That doesn't exactly evoke the impression of a winner of the Fields Medal in Mathematics!

I don't think that Tebow is stupid by any stretch of the imagination, but he isn't particularly "football smart", either. His size has allowed him to get away with that during his college years----instead of reading defenses and allowing plays to develop based on the defense read, he just takes off running. His size has allowed him to be successful at that at the college level. But in the pros...the game is a lot faster and everyone is big.

My reason for not liking Tebow is that he is selfish and a poor sportsman. I have seen him on more than one occasion mouthing-off to and flipping-the-bird to opposing teams fans in the stands. That's not exactly classy sportsmanship---especially for someone who apparently wants to be a pro QB (incidentally, it's also one of the reasons I don't like Rivers). For all of Tebow's Bible-bashing (no offense intended to those of you who study the Bible regularly...) he certainly doesn't walk the walk of a humble Christian---as the Bible says we should.
Next (with regard to his selfishness)---have you ever noticed that any time the Gators ran an option outside the Red zoneTebow always pitched it to the back; but if they were inside the Red zone he always kept it to score the TD himself? Very selfish player...

I also agree with the difficulty in overcoming his flawed mechanics---too high of a hurdle to overcome. But I have a feeling he would make a good TE...
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