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Default Re: CB Kile Wilson or CB Brandon Ghee in the 2nd/3rd Round

Originally Posted by supa_fly_steeler View Post
How was it sad, it was a major matchup problem, Timmons should dropped back into coverage and tore apart Petersons body, you cant expect a 190lbs corner to stand ground and bring down a 220lbs monster going full speed at you.
Its SAD because he got laid out bad...Its sad because he ended up on ESPN's top play....and its sad because of the way it looked....because peterson trucked him and then stepped all over him.......thats why it was sad....I know he's only a 190lbs corner but he should of least not of hesitated....he wouldn't of got laid out that bad....but still I know he's gunna use that to fuel his fire for next season....because he needs to step up like he did when we won the SB...and I know polamalu being out affected the whole D....shoot the whole team for that matter but w/ polamalu healthy I believe gay will have a solid season next year.....hopefully!!!!!
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