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Default Patriots...America's Team??????

I read in another Steelers MB where there are a ton of Patsy fans talking about how they are "Americas Team" and thought it would be perfect to bring into the BF...but HW might need some friends to help him out here.
1st off, I though Dallas was the so called "America's Team" not the little Pansie Pats. Where do their fans get off, naming themselves that. Yah their name is the Patriots...woohoo!!! I do recall the real America's Team stadium getting taken over by the black and gold...I can remeber this happening in Jacksonville also. Actually everywhere the Steelers go, their fans follow. The home team always seems to be complaining that there are so many Steeler fans in their house. Now do you ever watch the Pats away and see many Pats fans there...I sure don't! This is even after 2 SBs and another one possibly on the way. I'm sorry, but to me that's a little pathetic, and defiantely does not earn them the title of "America's Team"!!!
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