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Default Re: Potential New Owners or Nutting going to tell them to go away to?

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
I think I already know the answer to this but......

Is there any chance MLB could step in and take control of the Pirates and legally strip the ownership - which has failed - in order for a chance that Lemieux and Burkle could come in and buy the team?

With the success the two have had with the Pens, wouldn't it bring a better inspiration to the fans plus a rehabilitation to the Pirates, which would not only be healthier for the team but baseball in general?

Don't live in Pittsburgh, but I can already see more people going through the turnstiles because of hope restored because of a man named Lemieux behind it.

Pittsburgh fans trust Mario.
I wonder how much longer it would take if the MLB could do such a thing? I mean what 16 losing seasons and no hope in sight.

I live in Pittsburgh myself and believe me with the love for Lemieux, him taking control of the Bucs would be the BEST move out there. We have full trust in him and know instead of making an easy profit he will make the right moves to turn this team into the right direction.

This is exciting I just hope it goes through and negotions continue because Nutting is the biggest piece of scum and this city misses a championship caliber baseball team!
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