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Default Re: Potential New Owners or Nutting going to tell them to go away to?

Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Of course Nutting isn't going to sell the team, he's not done making an easy profit yet.

When the well runs dry and the selling novelty of "the best stadium in baseball" is long gone, Nutjob'll drop the Bucs like a bad habit and make his way out of town.

"Promising core of young players". Yeah, a "promising" core that is going to be gone in a fire sale come July when the Bucs are twenty games below .500. It's always "promising" with the Bucs, never "good" or "solid".
Baseball doesn't have a real commisioneer, just a figure head, suck up, piece of crap, good for nothing moron who draws a big check for some damn reason.

If baseball had a real commish he would force Nutting to sell the team yesterday. Nutting is nothing but a carptebagging piece of feces. I wont attend another Pirate game as long as that asshole and his group own them.

As a true Pirate fan I refues to pay ransom anymore. Baseball give us back our team, make that piece of shit Nutting sell them!
"A man's got to know his limitations."
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