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Default Re: "all we would need to do is leave people alone"

I've got a range of emotions somewhere between Mach 1 and Mom on this subject. On the one hand incinerating mecca and medina on 9/12 would have been the appropriate response to 9/11. On the other hand, I think I'm like most Americans in that we want to live peacefully and prosperously, and want the same for everyone else. Boiled down to usable terms, that means live and let live but don't @#$% with us. And I think that is our history.

We just wanted to live and prosper but George wouldn't have it so we had to fight. Same in 1812. The Civil War was an internal dispute. Spanish American, eh. Both World Wars we were drawn into. Korea and Viet Nam were containment of the commies. Gulf War I was the result of hussein invading Kuwait. Bosnia, while we had no business being there, was a NATO commitment. Gulf War II is integral to the war on terror. We don't have a history of starting @#$%. We finish it, then leave the theater in much better shape than we found it. And in the cases of all but Viet Nam and GWII we fought a conventional enemy that could be defeated and the landscape rebuilt.

Gen 3, 4, asymmetrical warfare, whatever you want to call it is different. Its like fighting cancer. You can cut out a tumor (Fallujah) but the cancer has already metastasized.

The real problem with the war on terror is that 10% of muslims are islamofascists and have no intention of ever letting this go. They transcend states. They are transparent in the communities they operate from, but are commanded by a relatively sophisticated but decidedly low tech central command structure. And they have sufficiently @#$%ed up public opinion that we can't take appropriate action to end this. Get a load of this - they can behead us, fly our airplanes into our buildings, bomb our embassies, blow up our trains, and commit all manner of unthinkable barbarity, but we aren't allowed to "offend" them.

How do you fight a war that your leadership won't recognize as the war it is? Ask any islamofascist "Are yinz at war with us?". What do you think the answer would be? Ask our "administration". "Oh, we are in an 'Overseas Contingency Operation'.". Again Those tools (the "administration", not the Army) are so oblivious to reality that they aren't aware our army isn't up to such nonsense. Or are they?

I will echo Mom's analysis.

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
As it stands now, this country is way too deep in the proverbial shit for there to be an easy solution to get out of it. There probably never will be an end to the vicious circle our government has created, at least not in our lifetime. The best I think we can hope for is stopping terrorists (the ones born outside of this country at least) before another 9/11 happens.
And further agree that the Swiss model of defense is highly appropriate for these times.

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution,
but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

Abraham Lincoln
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