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Default Senior Bowl notes

LeFevour's deep ball was surprisngly good, but his shorter stuff was kinda shaky. Kinda weird since his scouting report has usually been the complete opposite.

Tebow didn't look good to me. His long release hurt him on the fumble he didn't lose, he didn't look good in the open field, not getting very far when he tried to take off. It isn't going to get any easier in the NFL. A lot of his passes were around the LOS and the few times he tried to go deeper, he was iffy. I remember early in the game when he short hopped to the TE about 15-20 yards downfield. I don't know why the South kept trying those option reads. Scouts don't want to see that.

Don't get too caught up in the Mays play. One play doesn't make up for what he's done in his whole career. He also missed a few tackles, especially early.

I noted that Iupati didn't look good. Constantly getting beat and looked to be overextended on a few plays. He actually looked better at LG than he did at RG.

- Brandon Graham's size seems a bit unusual and doesn't define one true position, but the guy simply makes plays. The little "shake and bake" move he put on Ciron Black on his FF was sick. Smart player too, kept contain to snuff out a few toss plays.

- George Selvie struggled. Missed a few tackles and unlike Graham, overpursued on a couple of rollouts and tosses.

- Dan Williams looked good. Moved his feet well and got some good peneetration. Quietly had a good game.

- Terrence Cody constantly commanded double teams. He can get a little stiff and stop moving his feet, but overall, he impressed me. Has quick feet for a man that weighs in at 370.

- Vlad Ducasse has upside but is very raw. Footwork leaves a lot to be desired.

- Cam Thomas had a couple of good bull rushes. Wish I would have gotten a better look at how he was against the run but the majority of his snaps came later in the game with the South down and having to pass.

- High effort from guys like Ciron Black and Jeff Byers.

- Pike's numbers probably don't look that great but he made some tough throws out there.

- Witherspoon looked quick, especially on the play that he swatted the ball away from McCluster.

- Patrick Robinson really impressed me. Best corner of the day. Great job in coverage staying with the WR and locating the ball. Not much of a wrap up tackler but didn't miss any either.

- Colin Peek showed good hands, especially on his TD when he took a shot. Especially for a guy who is supposed to be just a blocker.

- Zane Beadles played well in the second half. Had a key block on the play that Blount almost scored on.

- Speaking of him, Blount ran well. Low to the ground and packed a good punch. Figuratively, this time.
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