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Default Pitt fans, how do you feel about possibly joining the Big Ten?

Eh, mixed on this.


Pitt-Penn State rivalry is FINALLY renewed
Big Ten gets a conference championship game (I'm assuming at Lucas Oil Stadium)
Pitt adds tradition and the academics aren't bad either
Football team is decent and the Basketball team has become a power as of late.
I get to see my Boilermakers and Buckeyes from a decent distance from my house.


Not a good fit rivalry wise, as Pitt would have only one in the conference EX: TOSU-Pitt=You guys vs. the Brownies from 2004 to December 10, 2009.
No disrespect to Panther fans, but Missouri and ND would have been a better fit
TOSU-Meatchicken rivalry could possibly be tarnished a bit.

Don't Blame Me, I don't have any control over the Browns.
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