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Default Re: "all we would need to do is leave people alone"

this is a good thread......very interesting.

which way do we go.....

the middle east......the great quandry of our time......part of me wants to nuke, part of says thats bad. my friends that have been to both lovely countries want to get out and then nuke.....stay and finish.....get out. all for a myriad of reasons. until we decide to use this countys assets for energy, we are tied to that little piece of Heaven.

debate should be.....are we isolationist like ol georgie w. wanted, or do we "promote" democracy. is it right to promote democracy. worked out well in s korea, japan, and germany. but with germany and japan we had to kick the hell out and conquer to do it right. and japan had to attack us to bother to really get involved, and not just lend lease. the isolationists kept us out of WW1 and WW2 for a long time. should we have stayed out? i mean, technically Japan attacked us, not Germany. technically. in WW1 ( the dumbest war of all time), we only got involved because of politics, money and the changing feeling back home. this was only because G town went all sub crazy and torpedoed everything in sight. we still coulda stayed out.
korea........should we have let sk go down to nk? i mean it was a UN fight. but, if the argument is that most of the country wants the UN to fight...........there track record is very poor. we headed the deals in SK, Bosnia, GW1, etc. the UN never wants to fight or do anything bad to anybody. i mean the Human rights council has how many piss poor countries on it? please. they use us to do any heavy lifting, throw a few hundred troops in here and there and then complain about everything. the UN is useless. great idea (just as the league of nations was), makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy, but accomplishes nothing it was intended to do. just like the concept of utopia great....but goes against human nature, so forever doomed to failure.

what i i used to date an afghani girl who used to live under the russian regime....had friends and family killed by the t-ban. her view.......nuke all of it and start over. i laughed.
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