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Default Re: "all we would need to do is leave people alone"

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
Love that video Vincent...and to speak a little further on the matter of their national security - not only do they require military training and keeping civilians armed, they also have shelters built into the mountains with years and years of supplies ready to go (all provided by the government). Their highway medians are removable and their highways become emergency airstrips. It is also mandatory that all houses and apartment buildings have fallout shelters built on the property. Many of their bridges, roads, tunnels and railways are wired with explosives as well, but this is an old practice from WWII and the Cold War days (though IMO I see no reason to stop doing it).

They are a country that hasn't seen or been in war for over 100 years, yet they have the capacity to have a large, capable army ready in a very short amount of time. They are also very economically stable. Their country is like a blueprint for domestic success and stability.
youve got some good points mom....but a few probs with the swiss scenario. i have a bit of first hand with a country set up like that. S Korea is essentially the same. they have what they call "rock drops" and "side drops" set up on all main MSRs. meaning pre rigged explosives in overpasses and whatnot to blow if NK goes all crazy. plus all men mandatory either go KATUSA or seve in ROCK army for 2 years. those cats are bad ass. the catch is this.......both swiss and SK know they wouldnt last without US support. they count on it. SK direclty and swiss indirectly. plus both countries have way less of population and geography to cover. SK is size of Indiana, and I think, swiss is smaller.

big difference trying to establish the same strategy here. plus making service mandatory would never fly. left and libertarians would kill it due to constitutional freedoms. which is funny cause the left would love to make community service mandatory. go figure. i think the constitutionality of it would be a no go. kinda like making it mandatory to vote. that aint gonna work either. dont get me wrong i would love to see some kind of mandatory service, but the constitutionality of it.......not sure.
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