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Default Re: Senior Bowl notes

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
I thought tha Iupati looked pretty good on run plays....but has some serious problems pass blocking.

The three NT's in the game that I might be interested in, (Terrance Cody/Dan Williams/Cam Thomas) all looked good but I think we need to look at past game film to get a better idea about them. The Senior Bowl requires defenses to run out of a all three had to line up out of position.
LLT, I like what I saw of Williams very much this week. He was active in practices and in the game he got under Iupati several times and flowed well to the ball. (in the 1st quarter he went from left A-gap and with Iupati blocking him, flowed to the right b-gap to tackle the RB. Great Play!!!!)

Cody plays like just about every overweight, underperforming, powerful D lineman I have ever seen, coached or played against. On a counter play to his off side, he just explodes at Matt Tennant....but Tennant absorbs the blow and shields Cody off from the play. Cody has spent himself on the first hit and struggles to get that 370lbs moving again, as Tennant just walls him off.

Big difference is that once Cody is stopped at first, he struggles to get back into the play and looks lazy(he's carrying too much fat). Williams on the other hand keeps moving like an energizer bunny and shows motor, in additon to his strength.

Odrick was impressive too as a 5-technique. Also, the CB Cook from Virginia looks like a Steeler CB. 6'1", 212lbs and likes to hit.(reminded me of Aquib Talib, but not as flashy)
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