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Default Re: Tim Tebow an NFL QB? Fail.

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
I'm not saying it has no value, but when I see guys like Marino, Bradshaw, and McNair near the bottom of the list and I see guys like Alex smith at the top, then I'm not letting it be my be-all end- all in evaluating young qb's coming into the league.
Like previously said....its just an evaluation tool.

Lots of good QB's that are intelligent. Lots of great athletes that are idiots. But, in an era where 1st round QB's get $40million plus of guaranteed money, I would want to know if a guy can read the playbook or got the Dexter manley degree.

Any kid that went to class in college should be able to get 20 on it at least and make it a non issue on his resume.

As for Tebow, I dont see that he is that fast, or quick....but rather powerful. Somebody is gonna take him in the 2nd or 3rd probably, but they would have a specific plan for him(wildcat or selling tickets in JAX). I honestly think Dennis Dixon is a better NFL QB prospect than Tebow.
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