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Default Re: Hey Steeler people how did you guys beat ....

There are some points you must look at, Peyton Manning calls his own that means he was matching wits with the Defensive Cordinator from the Pats ,he should be excuting his plays and getting first downs. What does this mean? It means that when there was a defensive adjustment he had no counter since he could only call a play when he saw the defensive scheme and that being so, Peyton had a tendancy to pass more then run. Now the Steelers on the other hand will pound you running the ball regardless of the passing game and they have a much better Defense then the Colts and they let the dam coach call the plays. This is not wishful thinking but facts....You see it will come down to coaching and putting Brady on the ground real hard a few times (it may not hurt Tom but it will pump up the Defense). You say you know how to deal with Dillon from his Bengal days so deal with him and force them to call more passes then they want. This will cause them to dink and dump early in the 3rd quarter , prime for hard hits and interceptions and none of their defensive backfield is above 5'11" midgets!!!!Physical match goes to the Steelers , Billicik will be forced to run a few trick plays to gain the lead and all the Steeler coaching staff has to do is be ready for when he tries it. Then pound them until the game clock says 00:00 and then some. In other words just do what you do but with Championship intensity. We know Mike Vick is our bread and butter but it's got us this far so why do we want to stop doing what we did to get here.
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