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Default Re: Cook on Cooke.

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
The next time Cookie gets a goal, an assist, makes a good play or delivers a huge hit at Mellon Arena, I don't want to see you clapping and expect you to remain in your seat. Fair enough?

Arron Asham is a douchebag who doesn't make a hair on Cookie's hiney. He fits in well with the rest of that filth that makes up the Cryers.
Asham was out of line calling Cooke out like he did - I'll agree with that. No matter what you think of someone, you act like a pro at all times and settle the score on the ice, not in the media. He's never done anything like that before that I recall, but that's what happens when you put on that prison orange jumpsuit in Philthy.

That said, just because I don't like Cooke doesn't mean I don't hope he scores a goal or delivers a hit, because it helps the team. The way he plays the game, it'd be real easy for me to like him, but the fact that he stirs shit up or cheap-shots someone, then turtles or hides behind referees...I just can't get behind that. I respect Gonchar for a whole hell of a lot of reasons, but when he hit Clutterbuck with that flying elbow smash a few weeks back, he was fully expecting someone to come after him and wasn't going to turtle or hide. That made me respect him even more.
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