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Default Re: Pitt fans, how do you feel about possibly joining the Big Ten?

Pitt Basketball would Suffer in the Big 10 because right now, being in the Big East they are able to recruit New York City very heavily with games being played annually at MSG and the Tourney being in MSG. That's a huge thing for PITT at this point. If Pitt moved to the 10, they'd lose the balance of power in recruiting the eastern cities and would have to focus more on the Central Cities. That would hurt the basketball program in the long run. Those NY Kids loving "coming home" come tourney time.

Football, I think Pitt football would compete with most of the Big 10 teams. Probably be able to beat Michigan since Dave W has basically built his team to destroy the West Virginia Spread. Would probably struggle with Ohio State and pull off a win ever 3 years or so, most likely at Hienz and not at the Shoe. Pitt already gets ND now annually so that's a big game, and they did add Big 10 teams like Iowa and Mich State to their slate in recent years, as well as a few years ago when they played Nebraska and another Big 12 school in a home and home, think it was Texas A&M.

Now Pitt is focussing its Out of Conference games into the ACC and bringing back the Pitt vs Miami game, and the Pitt vs Va Tech game, which made for some exciting Thursday night games at time.

I'd like to see more games against the SEC for Pitt, would love for them to play Ole Miss or Auburn, maybe take an away game against Florida or LSU too. I'd love to see that happen. But they don't really benefit from "jumping" to the Big 10 that much. They need to keep the focus of their recruiting in PA, and then work the East and Southeastern Coast for recruits. There is no point trying to recruit in Ohio against the Buckeyes or Recruit in MIchigan against them.

PSU Just needs to accept the game with PITT and not one fan would talk about joining the 10. We just want PSU back on the schedule. We play big 10 teams, they play Big East teams, it only makes sense that we play each other, but Joe Pa won't sign off on a Home and Home. That's a fact.
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