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Default Re: Pitt fans, how do you feel about possibly joining the Big Ten?

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post

Big Ten Basketball has been pretty damn good over the past couple of years. You got Michigan St., Ohio St., Purdue, Illinois Wisconsin all in like this gridlock to challenge for the Big Ten title. All but Purdue have made the NCAA final four within the last decade.

Pitt wouldn't dominate IMO, they'd just be another dog in the fight for the league title.
Big ten is comeptitive but look at the Big East vs. Big Ten as far as last year and so far this year...


Teams in the top 10

Big East 4
Big Ten 2

Overall Teams in the Top 25

Big East 5
Big Ten 4

Last year big east got THREE #1 seeds in Pitt, Louisville and UConn and 2 of the final four teams along with 4 of the elite 8 teams were Big East.

The ONLY team that could compete in last years and this years big east is Michigan just saying stats dont lie and those are pretty convincing numbers showing how good Big East basketball is

Im not taking anything away from the Big 10 who have GREATLY improved over the last few years but there are more teams contending for the big east championship every year then in the Big 10

Put Pitt in the Big 10 next year, they are easily in the top 3 no question IMO.
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