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Default Re: Pitt fans, how do you feel about possibly joining the Big Ten?

Originally Posted by Dino 6 Rings View Post
Today, Pitt would win that conference 4 out of 5 years. I don't doubt it. They are down this year and are still playing great in the Big East. however jumping to the 10 would hurt their long term recruiting of the kids out of Brooklyn and the rest of NYC. That's key to their recruiting right now, so in about 6 years, when those kids stopped coming to Pitt then I agree, they would just be another dog in the fight.

But as of right now, the only team in the Big 10 in basketball that I really respect is Michigan State because they are consistantly very good. Illinois is up and down, OSU has a good year every 6 years or so, Purdue, yeah ok, one good year, Indiana hasn't done anything worth a dang since Bobby left, Michigan, have they really been a threat lately? Wisky is pretty good, I like them too, Wisky and Mich State and Pitt would dominate that conference until Pitt starting losing its recruits to Cuse.
I dont understand why that would hurt their New York kids recruiting??? Pitt is like the ultimate goal for most New York City kids thats just how its been and i realize you must know that, however changing to the Big 10 isnt changing their LOCATION....they are still in Pittsburgh man....

So your saying because of conferance those players wont want to play on the same team? the only differance would be their schedule and i see that becoming easier going to the big 10.... , recruiting is about the coaches and for some reason they have alway appealed to top NYC athletes, i dont think that changes because of a change of conferance.

Also Pitts top recruit from next year is from Cleveland.

And currently on the team 2 players are from NY ( woodall being from brooklynn and taylor not huge contributers) and one from NJ in Gibbs.....thats it.
So as far as "losing" recruits they are fine so far without them......and i dont think they lose them because of changing conferance in the long run as for possible NYC kids.
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