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Default Re: Patriots...America's Team??????

Steelers definately have a huge fanbase.......and it is a well known fact that we show up to away games. While most of Dallas fans are probabaly located in Texas, and Patriot fans are most likely in the New England states.......Steelers fans are everywhere, especially in Ohio. I go to the Bengals game in Cincy every year. It feels like it is 60% Steelers fans. I remember when the Bengals never sold-out, but it would be packed when Pittsburgh came to town.

I think that most of the Patriot following are really non-football people who just started liking the Pats because they are winning. Patriot fans are coming out of woodwork, and there is no way they supported there team for the last 20 years like we have. They are just band-wagon fans......., and massive dongs. Most of them are idiots and A-holes, you can never win a debate with them because they have no football knowlege and just keep repeating the word "dynasty" ..... Oh, they are all experts on Superbowls and dynasties now.

I think our large fanbase is because of the dynasty in the 70's, and in 20 to 30 years the world will be crawling with Patriot fans.
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