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Default Re: Tim Tebow an NFL QB? Fail.

I think the Jags must be laughing all the way to the bank, For a team that was rumoured to be looking at him in the first round ( to attract the Florida Gator fan base) they must be counting the millions they could now possibly save by getting him later in the draft.

A realistic option I see for them now is to trade down far enough in the first so that they pick up an extra 2nd round pick. That way they can still get 2 quality players in the first 2 rounds and then have the luxury pick of Tebow purely to get some Gators fans to come and watch him.

I hate to propose such an option because it contains no football merit or logic. Sadly I think a business decision will be made. To justify the business decision in return you might see 4 - 5 wildcat plays everygame purely for the Tebow factor.
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