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Default Re: Patriots...America's Team??????

I find it hard to beleive that anyone with any sort of knowledgs of the game and its fans, would think they would be Americas team. They are Red White and Blue, but thats where it ends. They have one of the smallest fan bases in the NFL. Hell the crappy browns have alot bigger fan base.

Another something that is overrated. The browns claim to have the largest fan base of any team. Truth is they have the largest single fan club. The brownies backers is all over. The Steelers have more fan but no One fan club, although the Steelers Express is large and in many states.

As President of the ohio Steelers I keep in email contact with clubs all over the country, Hawaii has 350+ members, Caves Creek AZ. 300+, North Texas 300+, these are actual members, so the fan base is probably 100 times that.

Ben No. 1 Jersey sold last year anywhere, Bettis No.4, Troy was 9th. Highest Pat, Ty Law, 19th. I don`t know who is Americas Team, But I know who isn`t.

Happy Memorial to all. Especially to the Veterans Past and Present. Even you Hardwork, Thank You for serving.
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