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Default Re: Pitt fans, how do you feel about possibly joining the Big Ten?

I honestly don't think that Pitt would join the Big 10.


Pitt is a dominant football program in the Big East. When Miami and VT left for the ACC, that opened the door up for Pitt and WV to become the two dominant teams in the conference. Coming to the Big 10, they would have to compete with Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan State, and Michigan (when they eventually become a force again, when the dump Rich Rodriguez). They would be no better than third or fourth most seasons. Not to mention the Backyard Brawl against WV would become less important in the grand scheme of things as an OOC game every season, if it gets kept.

They would lose all that basketball recruiting in the NYC area. Those NYC kids love getting to come back and play in MSG. With the NBA rule being that kids only have to play one season of college ball to become draft eligible, those NYC recruits that might have stuck around for two or even three seasons could jump to the NBA sooner because they don't want to play Big 10 basketball. They would lose a lot of those recruits to Syracuse and UConn. They wouldn't lose every one, but most of them would go to Big East schools.

Also, the Big East is known as a basketball conference now. A lot of kids want to play in the Big East or the ACC, the two conferences known as basketball conferences. Pitt gets to play on an annual basis: UConn, Syracuse, Georgetown, Villanova, Louisville.

It really doesn't make sense for Pitt to leave the Big East since they are a big player in both major sports in that conference.

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