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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

Originally Posted by bigbensgirl7
That's funny...when I go to the Bengal games vs. the Steelers...I get similar thing. 1st off I would say that it is at least 40% Steelers fans, and they are all chanting "Here we go Steelers, here we go" Then after we win...I hear "here we go Bengals, here we go" I just laugh because usually when we are in Cincy...we are are close if not already in the playoffs and they are destined for another year of watching the post season at home...and all I can say is where are you going...home to watch us in the playoffs. It gets pretty bad at those games, but the last time I went to Cleveland to watch a game, I was about 10 or so and went with my dad. We somehow got tickets in the dog pound and well those mature grown dogs were spitting on us when we won. Shows what class they have there in Cleveland. That was the last time we went. I would love to go now, and think I will this year. At least now I can defend myself!!!
Browns fans in Cleveland suck,take it from someone who lives here.

They talk massive loads of shit,poor losers,even poorer winners (the few times they win).They want all the good Browns history (Jim Brown,the NFL Championships,Bernie Kosar,and whatever other good history they have) but the bad stuff (The Drive,and all the other bad shit that has happened to them) has moved to Baltimore and this is the New Browns (which isn't anything to be proud of).Basicly,they want the good without the bad,and I tell them they can't have both.

I have been assaulted simply for wearing Steelers gear.When I was little,if the Browns won I got shit from my step-dad and brother until the Steelers won...but if the Steelers won and I said one thing to either of them,I got grounded.

Just last week I had some idiot Browns fan throw a handful of mud at me when I was walking home,he missed by over a foot.Then the asshat started barking at me.I just said,"all bark and no bite,just like your team".

And with the problems I have been having with my family (and now new problems arising with my "friends") I am seriously considering moving to the Pittsburgh area and just ex-communicating myself from my "friends" and possibly my family.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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