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Default Re: Tim Tebow an NFL QB? Fail.

I agree with pretty much everything said in this thread

But we're just fans

Perhaps the players should let their organizations do the talking:

Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:46 am EST

Tebow-to-Jags talk isn't sitting well with at least one actual Jag
By Holly Anderson

Remember those rumors, way back in the fall, about the Jacksonville Jaguars setting their sights on hometown hero Tim Tebow before he'd even played his senior season? That owner Wayne Weaver was said to be considering plucking the Tebow Child early in the draft as a sales-boosting gambit? Lately, the scorn of the scouts and his obvious struggles in the Senior Bowl haven't tempered local enthusiasm for Tebow as the draft draws nigh, but at least one member of the franchise isn't afraid to express his, let's say ... misgivings about adding Tebow to the roster, according to the Florida Times-Union:

[Offensive lineman Uche] Nwaneri posted on the Jaguarsí Web site that, while cashing a check, a bank teller started talking about how Tebow will save the Jaguars.

So Nwaneri posted his five points on Tebow, with capital letters:

"1. He can't throw, PERIOD.

2. He can't read any coverage other than probably cover 2 or man.


4. He doesnít know how to take a snap from center.

5. HE CANíT THROW, and thatís really something you either have or not."

I guess that settles it, then. Obviously, there's nothing the kid can do to help the team. Oh, and one more thing:

Nwaneri then urged fans to buy tickets because he doesnít want to come out "for pregame warmups to a COMPLETELY EMPTY STADIUM ANYMORE."

Let's talk business, Uche: Whether or not the Tebow Child can make a successful transition to the pro game on the field, putting warm bodies in seats is obviously among the greatest of his many other talents. Give the people what they want. And even if Nwaneri and the legions of critics are right that Tebow is bound for NFL flopdom, I guarantee thousands of Georgia fans would be willing to make the drive down to the site of so many ****tail Party aggravations for the sole purpose of watching their former tormenter operate behind a line that might not feel much like blocking for him.

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