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Default Re: Props to JJ

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Yes but JJ would jab and duck to protect his pretty boy face! I hope Steelersgirl doesnt read this
(gasp) BLASPHEMY! That's it! Me and you, dude... LOL

Regarding the article Suit posted, I found the last paragraph particularly interesting, as well...

"In the garage area, the crews know they're trying to pull one over on the sanctioning body and the sanctioning body smiles about it because they know they're trying to get them back. It's a cat and mouse game that's been in our sport forever and it will always be there."

Has no one here ever tried to "pull one over" on their boss/company? Never called in sick when you weren't? Never, ever cheated on an exam/test? Never cheated on your taxes? Never cheated on a girlfriend/wife/lover? Etc... C'mon now...

I'm not saying that I condone cheating, but gee whiz... I'm sure every single team is trying to find an advantage. Jimmie says it's true and I believe him. He would never lie to me...(lol).
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