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so hes cheating because everybody does it but would never lie?

steelerzgirl this article kind of addresses your viewpoint:

2. Should Jimmie Johnson have been allowed to race?
Brian De Los Santos /

Personally, I have no problem with Johnson running -- and winning -- the 500, because I don't think violations found in qualifying should be considered as serious as those found in a post-race inspection. NASCAR went over the car with a fine-toothed comb after the race and it passed with flying colors. But -- and there's always a but -- I can see where those who think the whole No. 48 team should have been thrown out of Daytona along with crew chief Chad Knaus are coming from. NASCAR continually says it will get tougher on cheaters and then dishes out the same old punishment: suspension of crew chief, some sort of fine and loss of owner and driver points. In this case, NASCAR didn't even go so far as to impound the car that was found in violation. Now I do think that was wrong. Even though it was a fixable issue, Johnson should have lost his primary car for the race. If NASCAR is going to start kicking teams out of races, they need to come right out and say all violations will result in expulsions, no ifs, ands or buts. But as of now, that's not the rule, so there's no reason Johnson shouldn't have been allowed to race in the 500.

Charlie McCarthy

Of course. Johnson doesn't build the car or set up the car, he drives the car. Crew chief Chad Knaus has paid a huge price, and I'm not talking money or points. Knaus wasn't present when his driver won the Daytona 500 -- that's something he'll live with the rest of his life. If NASCAR ever does contemplate suspending an entire team for committing a rules violation, the organization at least should do so only after giving fair warning. NASCAR also should tell team members to erase a long-held garage thought from their minds -- "It's NASCAR's job to make the rules, and it's our job to break the rules or push them to the limit." Not any more.

nascar doesnt want to become like wrestling where a guy pulls out a chair or sledgehammer, beats the crap out of his opponent, while the ref has a turned back knowing damn well whats going on. all in the name of entertainment. nascar has come too far and has huge vested interests in the legitimization of the sport.
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