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Default Re: Props to JJ

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
"It's NASCAR's job to make the rules, and it's our job to break the rules or push them to the limit." Not any more
See, that's just the thing. NASCAR needs to not only make the rules, but also needs to outline the punishment to be meted out for each infraction. Currently, NASCAR just does whatever the hell it feels like. I agree with the poster that said that NASCAR needs to be consistent. After what Tony Stewart pulled on Sunday, it's my opinion he should be banned/punished/suspended/fined from a few races himself. I'm sure you don't agree with that, though, tony, because you're simply a Jimmie hater. Matt Kenseth was screwed royally over what happened. My opinion is that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their popularity, championships, etc.

Us Steelers fans weren't too happy when Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were considered the golden boys of the NFL don't forget.
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