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Originally Posted by Nadroj 20 View Post
IMO Monta Ellis of the warriors should have been invited to the allstar game, and when chris paul went down i thought there was another chance he has at going, but instead they picked Chancy Billups whose stats arent as great, however he plays on a winning team.

SO basically monta is getting punished by being on a bad team and that takes away from personal awards he could possible win like making the allstar game....

O yea after they annoucned billups was the replacement ellis went out and scored a career high 46 points...

He deserved to be at least mentioned as an all star.
The thing is, without Melo, the Nuggets have still managed to post a winning record...and a lot of that has to do with Chauncey. (I think they're like 9-6)

That being said, Tracy McGrady was nearly voted as an All-Star starter, AI is a starter...Duncan is listed as a PF (he's a C), Stoudemire is listed as a C (he's really a PF)...All-Star means nothing IMO. All-NBA is where you get a little more serious.
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