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Default Re: why are rep comments being moderated, edited, and deleted?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i never knew 'hater' was a 4 letter curse word not allowed by steelersfever, even if used in a joking fashion with an on line bud, when leaving some positive rep.
It's not, but it has become quite a redundant and (over)played, not to mention immature jab at others due to a certain group not getting what they wanted (namely a firing) in regards to a certain member of a coaching staff.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
is everyones rep comments moderated, or just certain targeted members? inquiring minds want to know, and i would think the entire messageboard community deserves to know how much privacy they really have in this forum.
Only certain folks who have a tendency to attempt to stir things up with others, and do so repeatedly. When posting anything on a PUBLIC forum, it's often helpful to remember a certain rule of thumb: if you don't want something to become PUBLIC, don't post it at all. There's simply not much on Internet message boards that are private.
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