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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
Sorry, not trying to stir the pot and noticed that a thread has been locked already on this subject, but I'm confused and the question never seemed to be answered in that thread. I feel we should be able to discuss the matter.

Are our rep pages read by others and can be moderated? I've always felt that and our PMs were are own little private areas of the board. I don't know if I want to be a part of a forum if either areas are being viewed and moderated.

I'd like to know as well what's going on. Thanks.
despite what whas said in the other thread that was quickly locked, i think this pretty much sums it up-
There's simply not much on Internet message boards that are private.
i think that is about as much of 'full disclosure" of what is really going on that we are going to get.
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