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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments

Originally Posted by Shea View Post
Well if that's the case, then I'm really disappointed and probably done with this forum.

Of course anything that we post on the open board can't be deemed private, and understandably so, but what we choose to talk about among each other through PM and the reps feature doesn't fit that criteria and shouldn't be categorized as "all" being accessable to anyone on the internet, because it simply is not true.

I understand emotions evolve and fester between members on the forum, especially those that are negative, but if delving into these areas that should be off-limits to punish those members is going way overboard in my book to say the least.

I'll stop here in responding to this thread though to give time for the staff here to respond back and offer up their side of the story. Maybe I'm missing something that they can offer up to explain this situation, and hopefully this won't be another locked thread, because the conversation - whether a person likes it or not - needs to be discussed and resolved.

Hey Shea

First of all...I would hate to lose you as a poster.

Just my two cents on this matter.

I understand your feelings on pm's and I understand your point of view in regards to pm's being a "private" area. That being said, it has been my experience on this board that the Mods need the ability to view pm's under certain conditions.

I have been cursed out...flame-baited...and ridiculed through pm's and have forwarded those pm's to the Mods, understanding that they can not just take my word for it and would have to access those pm's in question. This is a necessary tool for all forums to prevent bullying, harrassment, and potential liability on the part of the board.

That being said...I dont believe for a second that our Mods are habitually trolling the pm's. 1) it would be a logistical nightmare due to the membership count. 2) Who cares what two people are saying to each other in a long as its civil. 3) I have enough faith in the integrity of our Mods to believe that they would have an ethical problem with just reading "other peoples mail".

In short....Yes, I believe they have the ability & believe it is a needed tool...No, I do not believe any of us have anything to worry about in regards to our privacy.

If you do have any worries...the simple solution is to delete your pm's (both recieved and sent) after they are read.

Again....I hope the board can get back to discussion and fellowship....and away from bickering.

You all have been good friends to me when I have lost a loved one...celebrated victories...and talked football smack. Its still just a board...and I hope that we can get back to what we all love about this forum.

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