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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments

I'm sorry I'm so late in getting here to respond to the questions posed, but I've spent the morning shoveling and blowing my way out of 2 feet of snow. I hope everyone who has had to deal with this enormous storm is safe, taking breaks and drinking lots of hot coffee!

First - we CANNOT read any PM's unless they are forwarded to us by members. If we could, I can assure you that Mike, Gary and I would never do that.

Second - we CAN and DO read rep comments ONLY IF there is a history of trouble on the board between members, as has been the case as of late unfortunately. We do not single anyone out - they pretty much single themselves out by not following the very simple rules set by this board. The reason why we do this is because there have been occasions where members have actually physically threatened other members via rep comments and that is NOT what the rep system is for. The rep system is a privilege - not a right and to tell you the truth, I wouldn't be opposed to Mike getting rid of the system altogether because it has been so badly abused. It was implemented so that members could show appreciation for other's thoughts and opinions, and was not to be used to flame, malign and take shots at other members, nor was it put in place as a means to, pardon the term, "suck up" to other members, which has also been the case as of late. This is the internet - there really is no need for adults to feel they have to "suck up" to other members in order to gain respect. Respect isn't handed out - it is earned.

Third - if people choose to leave because our overall purpose as Mods/Admin is to insure the pleasant experience and family friendly atmosphere we try to incorporate here at SF, along with protecting our members from being hassled, threatened and demeaned - then so be it.

I hope this answers the questions that have been asked.

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