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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post

I stand corrected, I would have thought the Mods would have that capability. Gotta say, I hope that makes everyone feel safer in regards to privacy.
Nope - we don't. And I strongly resent the implication that we would do something like that. (Not referring to you, LLT).

Thats why your the bestest MOD...EVER!!!!!! (hehehehe)
There are a few people around here who would strongly disagree with that. Not that I really care, as those who don't appreciate the hours, hard work and patience we put into this board, without compensation I might add, are usually those who stir up the most trouble. What I find absolutely mind-blowing, as well, is that I am a regular donator to this site which helps to keep it updated and when I am called out on the carpet, maligned, or my integrity is compromised by false accursations - I AM PAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE TO DO SO!!!

At any rate, I am thawing out some crow burgers for a few of you and will be firing up the grill in my garage later on.

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