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Default Re: "all we would need to do is leave people alone"

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Most of those don't apply, and the rest are ancient history. Israel is 60 years old. The refugees are still alive.

Kind of to your point, the idea is the same as with Native Americans, etc.: eventually the Palestinians will all be dead, or at least vastly outnumbered and hopelessly isolated, and it will all be moot. There's no Right-of-Return for the dead.

I'm pretty sure that's the plan.
but the concept is still the same....we did this to your people, now we get that, because of it. never ending cycle...any (well a lot anyway) nation, people, state, can say they were occupied, had genocide practiced on them, treated poortly, etc. and ask for the "justice" of land, money, mineral rights, etc.
most of our discussion has been based on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. i dont see anyway of making you see our side, or we seeing yours. at least as far as the totality of it.
i guess the basic argument (broken down) is "do you think that if the Palestinians were given the land they are seeking, would it end strife in the Middle East?"

i would say, most of us dont. for many reasons, all covered here. i wold guess you feel that it would. also covered here. im guessing here. unless this is just an argument for who has the "right" to do what to who in the name of "justice". then, well, it would be easier discussing if worm holes really exist.
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