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Default Re: Moderating of rep comments

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
Nope - we don't. And I strongly resent the implication that we would do something like that. (Not referring to you, LLT).

There are a few people around here who would strongly disagree with that. Not that I really care, as those who don't appreciate the hours, hard work and patience we put into this board, without compensation I might add, are usually those who stir up the most trouble. What I find absolutely mind-blowing, as well, is that I am a regular donator to this site which helps to keep it updated and when I am called out on the carpet, maligned, or my integrity is compromised by false accursations - I AM PAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE TO DO SO!!!

At any rate, I am thawing out some crow burgers for a few of you and will be firing up the grill in my garage later on.
And just to clear another thing up, because I'm sure it will be mentioned - only mods and admins can read rep comments. No other member is able to read another member's rep. Personally, I'm with you - I think the whole system should be scrapped. There are many others who were around the last time we had a major problem with members abusing the rep system, to the point where it was eventually scrapped, then brought back in limited form...which, as you've mentioned, is the reason why it is monitored. Maybe it should have been left on the cutting room floor back then.

I don't think people really understand how difficult this job is, and how much work goes into it. Having been both an admin and a mod, I know full well what goes into running a message board, especially one as large as this one. Some here have said so, but I really don't think you get enough credit or appreciation for the job that you do.

Besides, the ones who complain the loudest are also the ones who have the most to hide.
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