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Default Re: "all we would need to do is leave people alone"

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post

Old saying - "Me and my brother are fighting our cousin. Me and my brother and our cousin are fighting our neighbor". Its in the DNA.

And there is nothing Israel could say, do, or give that would end it. The muslims won't let it go until Israel has vanished. Then they'll revert to the old saying.

It won't go that way though. The plains below Megiddo beckon.
and i completely agree....

Israel has made consessions, repeatedly, and been met with the same. most of the Arab states are in a constant state of war with Israel, and admitted as much. proxy wars are being fought....Israel has been attacked repeatedly by nation states, and proxy terrorist organizations. Arab states refuse to let in Palestinian refugees, which, to me negates, the "land for peace" argument. among other things. the Arab states use the Palestinian issue, and the people, as weapons to beat Isarel over the head with.
the problem rises out of the conceptualization over the Islam religion, as its viewed by a lot of people. a lot, meaning the 10-20 % that belive in the hardline stuff. which equates to quite a few nation states, and millions of people.
now....we get into why this is....many thoughts on that. but i dont want this to get into "whos religion is better" deal. the popular religion of this board, i would guess, is Christianity. now.....and i am a Christian, it has had its bloody past. but, at the present, and i emphasize the present, the religion has learned from its past mistakes and moved into the 21st century. hardliner "Islamists" have not. a lot of history has gone by, and i have no idea when this is going to happen...if ever. i hope so. but until then, what is to be done. our policy makers, it seems, have gone with the "force" idea. meaning, forcing a democracy into that part of the world. will this work? dont know. right thing to do. dont know? only realistic option at this point....i think so.
i think that if Israel, the U.S., and the "powers that be", really thought that giving the Palestinians a homeland....without giving over Jerusalem, then they would have by now. of course, now my head hurts.....
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