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Default Re: Patriots...America's Team??????

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer
Thier colors are Red White & Blue and thier name is the Patriots.

This might sound insensitive,but my friend sees it ironic that after 9/11 all of a sudden the Patriots came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl and now 3 of the last 4.He just finds it really odd,that after the huge national tragedy a team called the Patriots come out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl.
Yah, it is pretty ironic. esp. when you consider stuff like the tuck rule coming into effect. That is on the list of one of the most controversial calls and well of course it went in favor of the Pats. I don't know, but it is wierd. The funny thing is, the Pats this year said we shouldn't even be playing them because of the 2 missed FG. Well my theory on that is, 1st-the refs didn't give us the game, 2nd- the Jets did nothing to make it easier on Brien to kick in one of the hardest stadiums in the NFL. I'm not saying luck was on side...but the refs didn't hand us! But oh well, let them enjoy it now...because their done!!!
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